Who we are

P&G Millworks

P&G Millworks is a new company arranged by profesionals with a wide experience in the sector, mainly in retail furniture and specialized in premium brands  ( Nespresso, Massimo Dutti, Armani, Longchamp, Prada etc. )


      We have a 800sqm factory placed near Seville, in Spain.

       We have machines for wood, metal and solid surface, as well as plexi and stainless steel elements manufacturing. We have a painting room with a special extracting by filters system and a complete ironworks stock with the most exclusive solutions working with the best brands.


      Retail Sector is the most important for P&G Millworks, this sector requires, probably, the best quality level in terms of finishings and project managing. We are used to work matching the excellence in finishings, time schedulles and service / Project managing.


        P&G Millworks have a complete technical office, Where we develope our own execution drawings in order to get the approval from the client in order to avoid any misunderstanding or mistake. We are also able to collaborate or even manage the complete corporate concept design.


       We have our own installers team, complemented by partners that allow us to give our clients allways the best service and quality not depening on the current workload.

        Please, don't hesitate in contacting us through the web form or directly to our email address: info@pgmillworks.es




C/Pino Albar 6

41016 Sevilla

Teléfono: +34 954 876079


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